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In our Information Center we will try to answer the most frequently asked reasoned questions about shopping at HobbyEurope.Com.

Delivery times

We usually ship with Hong Kong Post, Registered Air Mail, Registered Air Parcel (takes from 5 - 15 working days to arrive your country). Hong Kong EMS, DHL, TNT and FedEx will take from 3-10 days to reach any customer on the planet. Please note that local customs handling is not included in this shipping estimate. Sometimes they are quick, sometimes slow.

We ship the same or the next day at the latest.

Shipping costs

Shipping costs are automatically calculated at checkout, based on what you put in your shopping cart. To check the shipping costs, just click buy on one item, click edit cart, click continue shopping to go back to the main page with the update shipping calculator showing the freight costs options. You will find our shipping prices most competitive! Shipping costs are adjusted according to the shipping companies shipping fees from day to day.

We reduce parcel size and weight!

Also note that we are continuously working together with our manufacturers to reduce all box weight and sizes to lower shipping costs for our customers. There is no point in paying a lot of money for shipping too big and too heavy parcels from China to the rest of the world.

VAT and import fees

Please note that we do not add any VAT to our prices/orders shipped from China. The customer is solely responsible for VAT and fees that may apply locally, if any. Usually not.

Are shipments trace able?

We will provide tracking numbers on all shipments sent from us. But please note that tracking numbers not will be available upon shipping. All though we ship all orders the same, or the next day, tracking numbers are not available before after 2-3 days. This is because we use shipping agents in China, and get tracking numbers from them a day or two after the shipment has been shipped.

CE and RoHs compliance

All products sold at HobbyEurope.Com are CE and RoHs compliant, and can safely be imported to the European Union. But please note that the regulations for 2.4GHz radio equipment are not harmonized throughout EU. A few countries have restrictions. Our 2.4GHz radio products meet the demands for imports to Sweden, which will apply to most EU countries.


Damaged shipments
All items shipped are tested and approved for functionality before packed and shipped. All damage during shipping is the couriers responsibility.
If you receive a shipment that is damaged on the outside, do not accept it. Open it together with the courier to inspect the goods. If damaged, complain to the forwarder there and then and claim for compensation. If the package looks ok on the outside, but you find the goods to be broken on the inside, take pictures of the damage and contact the forwarder immediately for checking and filling in a compensation form. The box on the outside can very well look ok, but tough handling can damage the items inside. Be sure you document this properly before you try to use any items.

Read the instruction manual
It is very important to read, understand and follow ALL instructions and procedures given in the attached user manual, and all advices given on the web site before using a received item first time. All kinds of helicopters have to be left on a 100% horizontal surface after switched on until the stabilizing procedure is fully finished. If not, the helicopter cannot be flown. HobbyEurope only deliver quality hobby items. We cannot be hold responsible to teach you how to use them.

If you find a product not working as expected, without being used, contact us with a detailed explanation of what the problem is, and how you have tried to solve it. Please check twice that batteries are fully charged. Take pictures/video of the problem.


Delivery is made to the address given when you order. Delivery times are approximate and represent average delivery times corresponding to the time normally required to process and deliver an order. HobbyEurope may not be held responsible for any consequences of a delay in delivery, particularly in the event of a force majeure, computer breakdowns, and disruption or strikes affecting postal services, transport or communications.


All orders are shipped as a registered and trace able parcel. Shipment will normally take place on the first or second working day after receiving your order. Transportation time varies a lot, from a couple of days and up to several weeks depending on the procedures in the customers country. In case of any missing, delayed or damaged parcel, this has to be reported to HobbyEurope or the shipping agent as soon as possible.

Guarantee and return  

HobbyEurope guarantee to deliver all items in conditions described on the website. Prices and description can be changed without any prior notice. All kind of warranty claims or returns have to be authorized by HobbyEurope. Return for checking, repair or exchange is only accepted if there is a manufacturing defect. If there not is to be found a manufacturing defect, then all costs for this procedure has to be covered by the customer himself. HobbyEurope can never be held responsible for any costs accruing regarding this procedure, or any other cases, paid, or which necessarily must be paid by the customer himself such as return costs etc. Return of used or damaged items will never be accepted.


The items purchased on this website IS NOT TOYS and can cause severe damage if not use with the highest level of care and responsibility. HobbyEurope will never accept responsibility for any damage caused by the purchased items, to the item itself, the customer himself, other people or other living creature as well as buildings or any kind of other property belonging to the customer himself or any other persons or institutions. The customer himself is sole responsible to operate and handle the purchased items in a safe and responsible way. The customer will therefore be the only responsible to damage made by the purchased items to itself or any other living creature or property whatever the cause of the damage is.

Every purchase and delivery is done according to laws and regulations current prevailing at HobbyEuropes location. HobbyEurope can never be held responsible to any other laws and regulations in any other country nor part of the world.

When placing an order you automatically sign to have read and accepted these terms and conditions. 
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