HiSKY HCP/FBL100 Flybarless Nano Helicopter

63,00 € 79,00 €
  • Package Width:
  • Building Skills:
  • Flying Weight:
  • Gyro Included:
    Multi-axis gyroscope
  • FlyingSkills:
  • Charger Included:
  • Height:
  • Pagckage Height:
  • Unique Selling Point 1:
    Only the pilot limits its capabilities. Full 3D capability, indoors and outdoors, even on windy days!
  • Length:
  • Battery Included:
    1 pcs 3.7V 300 mAh 30C
  • Rotor Diameter:
    249 mm
  • Package Length:
  • Radio Included:
    X-6HL mode 2
  • Flying Time:

Ultra small intense news! Only the pilot limits its capabilities. Full 3D capability, indoors and outdoors, even on windy days! This STD version, you can find under different brand names, but usually not including a charger both for 6 volt and 220 volt AC like this one.

Direct from the RC's fair in Beijing, we present this awesome news at only 50 grams. 50 grams of technology packed with pep, speed and power. Fully functioning Flybarless system with multi-axis gyro and 6-channel remote control.

Faster response, more precise, double carbon nanotube servos, more power and 50% larger battery than similar helicopters. Much better performance than other similar helicopters selling. So this little bastard is really awesome. Quality and performance at a great price!

Complete RTF out of the Box with LiPo battery, 6 volt and 220 volt charger, tools and spare parts package.

This version comes with a standard 6CH helicopter radio.

The calibration of the gyro has to be done 100 % correctly. TX on. All switches in correct position. Throttle at zero. Then the heli has to be placed on a 100 % flat surface (water level 100% horizontal). TX antenna very close to the RX. Then connect the battery. The heli cannot be moved one millimeter when doing this and after that. Always kept in 100% horisontal position. This is very critical. Then wait about 10 Seconds for a few small movements and vibration from the heli. When this is is finished, it is ready to start.

Note! This is not a toy for beginners. This is a very responsive 3D helicopter for experts who want to train advanced 'tricks' without risking a larger helicopter costing many thousand dollars. 

Useful info: KLIKK HERE

Spare parts available.
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    CE-HiSky-FBL100 PDF file, 67.59 KB
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