Cessna Skyline 182 EPO 189 Giant ARF

NEW! GIANT EPO CESSNA! With a wing span of almost 1,9 meter, is this the largest Cessna 182 ever made in EPO so far. Delivered in an upgraded carbon reinforced version.

The plane can be bought as kit only including all the hardware. We do not offer this model as PNP or RTF, because we found the electronics (servos, motor, ESC, radio etc) of too poor quality compared with the rather good quality of the foam (EPO) ARF kit.

On such a large model, it is very important to use strong enough servos of rather good quality. The power pack (motor, ESC and battery) must also be of the same quality. Especially the ESC must be able to deliver enough current to the servos. So just a warning! Most ESC sold today has a built in BEC that can deliver only 2-3 Amps. This is not enough for this model. But the worst thing is that most of these built in BEC's only can handle up to 3 cells LiPo battery, even if the ESC itself can handle 6-7 cells. Therefore we recommend an ESC with a 5 amp UBEC that can handle the same number of cells (7 cells) as the ESC itself.

Therefore we decided to offer an upgraded version of the ARF kit only, with carbon reinforced tail and room for standard size servos (not mini 17g as usual) for the rudder and elevator, if you chose to use the long factory pre-installed pushrods.

For those who want the most optimal performance, we strongly recommend our solution using two micro servos for the elevator and one servo inserted into the fin for control of the rudder. For this solution, please check out the building tips and the pictures below.

This model is very lightweight, made in very strong carbon reinforced EPO, and has great flying characteristics, like an eagle.
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    Length (cm) : 147
    Wingspan (cm) : 187
    Miscellaneous : Anbefalt motor: KV 500-900 brushless motor (statisk trust 2-4 kg) Not included 
    Anbefalt fartsregulator: 45-80 Amp (tilpasses batteri/motor) med 5 Amp (U)Bec (not included)
    Servoer: 2xmini eller std servoer til sideror (nesehjul) og høyderor, 4xminiservoer balanseror og flaps. (not included)
    Vår super løsning servoer: 4xminiservoer balanseror og flaps, 1xMG miniservo sideror, 2xmiddels kraftige miniservoer høyderor, 1xmini MG servo for nesehjul (not included)
    Battery: (tilpasses regulator/motor) 14,8-22,2 volt 15-25C 3300 mah LiPo (plass til 2-3 stk) Not included
    Radio: 35 mhz eller 2,4 Ghz minimum 5 kanaler (rudder, elevator, ailerons, flaps and speed controller) Not included
    Charger: 220/12 volt 1,5-6 Amp balance charger (not included)
    Float kit: With servo, doble water rudder and hardware (option)
    Building Skills : Novice


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