Cessna 182 EPO 156 BL 2,4GHz ARTF Special Edition for 4 cell LiPo

This is the Cessna 182 EPO BL Special Edition for 4 cells LiPo only available at HobbyEurope.Com. This version must not be compared with other 3 cell versions offered at other shops.

All of our airplane models are delivered in a upgraded version, only at HobbyEurope.Com, and may not be compared to the corresponding model provided by other online stores, all over the world. 

Perhaps the market's most popular Cessna model has been more well-equipped than ever before. Now in brand new upgraded edition, only at HobbyEurope.Com. Brand new modern quality radio, which can also be used in other models, even more powerful engine setup with 40 amp ESC and 4-cell LiPo battery with even more power (over 2.5kg of trust), allowing true 3D flying and a double-strong charger included, which charges the battery much faster.

A highly processed Cessna 182 in super strong EPO on a full 1.6 meter wing buckle, with extra carbon and veneer reinforcements in all wings, body and rows. Combined solid undercarriage with extra solid telescopic nose wheel. The main wheel base can be moved in front of the battery compartment and tailwheel (not included) retrofitted if desired. The model obviously has flaps, plus position lights and now also with cockpit (internal) colored tinted lighting. The model is very detailed and great to look at. And in addition, it's flying amazingly. It is possible to make room for 2 pcs 4S 2200mAh LiPo battery that gives over twice as long flight time. The model is equipped with a total of 9 position lights in addition to interior cockpit lighting so that it can actually fly in the dark. Very nice sight with all the lights lit. The model also has flaps so it can fly very slowly.

The kit is delivered completely complete - almost completed. Only simple and straightforward mounting remains! This is an impressive great model at a very good price.
Spare parts:

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Watch video of the set: CLICK HERE

So we continue our great success with Cessna models. Now with this new edition that is even more elaborate and well-equipped, but with the same stable flight characteristics. Quiet and stable for the beginner, but plenty of fun for the more experienced.
This model has everything both the beginner and the more experienced looking for in a range / Sunday / cosy / funfly.

- Large stable "windproof" model, 156 cm wing buckle
- Super strong in EPO with carbon / veneer reinforcements
- The reinforcements stiffen and make the model very precise
- Very sturdy undercarriage that can easily be converted to tailwheel (not including).
- Supersolid superfast steerable nose wheel - with shock absorbers
- Good wheelchair space for larger wheels (max diameter 70 mm)
- Mounting for floats if possible
- Navigation lights completed. Flashing LED. Full 9 pcs!
- Illuminated cockpit! Powerful colored light. Just have to be seen! Cool!
- All features: Height, Side and Balancer, Gas and FLAPS!
- 6CH 2.4GHz noise proof lucky digit remote control / receiver
- 220V Charger with balancing
- An available channel for camera control, landing lights, etc.

The size makes the model very stable and kind to the beginner, and it can fly very slowly. And, not least, it can withstand a tight-tough and well-enhanced EPO. Nevertheless, there are all spare parts available at all times. But a little glue and super tape on the strip, it's a lot to not fly on after a crash. Then you will have max bad luck.

The model comes almost completely built, completely complete with radio, battery and balanced charger. Only 4 AA batteries for the radio are missing. All electronics etc. are installed.

The model comes standard with 12x6 Thin Electric propeller that fits most purposes.

However, if you are looking for an extra-nice model (beginner) who mostly only flies perfectly and quietly, we recommend trying an 11x4.7 SF propeller.

If you want maximum performance, you can use 13x6.5 TE propell

With a 2.4GHz radio system, you also get a channel-free remote control (anyone can fly at the same time) and lucky digit transmission. This provides much more reliable and "noise-free" control of the model.

See flight video of the model: CLICK HERE


Our EPO floats fit perfectly as well. Order Floats: CLICK HERE



Wingspan: 1560mm
Length: 1130mm
Flight weight: 1490g
Max trust with 12x6 propeller: over 2300g With 4S
Max trust with 13x6.5 propeller: over 2500g With 4S
Battery: 3S or 4S 2200 - 2600 mAh 20C Li-Po (not included)
Engine: 4023 / 810KV Out runner Brushless engine
ESC: 40A Brushless ESC
Radio: 2.4G 6-Channel proportional radio control system
Radio control distance: 1000m
Charger: Balanced 220V / 12V 4 cells LiPo charger
Material: EPO

Note! The lights draw power and shorten battery life (flight time). Preferably used in dim light or dark, as they are not visible during daylight (in sunlight) anyway. We recommend their own battery, as failure of the lights may cause the controls to stop working. The lighting layout is not covered by any kind of warranty.
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    Length (cm) : 113
    Wingspan (cm) : 156
    Miscellaneous : A little useful info / tips for the beginner:

    - The motor shaft should point slightly down and to the right after assembly. It is not incorrectly installed :)
    - All parts are very accurately customized. If the cowlingen (plastic nuts) is difficult to get into the body, it can either heat up a hair dryer or wipe away some EPO.
    - If the engine goes wrong, replace two of the three wires between the engine and the regulator. Does not matter which two you choose. Be sure to mount the propeller correctly in the center of the shaft using the provided centering rings.
    - When assembled, the nose wheel is slightly tilted. This is corrected by loosening the screw on the top of the blank bracket that holds the handlebar on the servo and adjusts until the nose wheel is standing straight while the side ear is standing straight. The steering wheel on the wheel will point slightly forward.
    - Before trying the model, be sure to check that all rudder is right and that they are going the right way. It is always the responsibility of the user (owner, pilot) that everything is in order and it will be used before using the model if a model is delivered to RTF, ARTF, PNP or KIT. These terms only mean that the model is fully or partially assembled, but everything should still be controlled by the user.
    - Also check that the radio is operating at least 100 m away on the ground. If the transmitter is near the model, the servos can vibrate. It is normal. Never let the antenna point to the model when it is in the air.
    - Always take off the wind on a level surface. Achieve good speed on the ground (preferably it should ease itself) before giving a low altitude so that it rises upwards. Do not let it rise too steep upwards. Then it can tip over and crash. The model is a plane and not a helicopter.
    - DO NOT land the model on the nose / nose wheel. Then the model can hit a bucket, and both nose wheels and models can cause minor or larger damage. Normal landing is with a little high nose where the main wheels take the ground first. The nose wheel is only used to control the model on the ground. A normal landing shall not load the undercarriage more than when the model is stationary or driven on the ground. If the model is dumped or dumped, both the model and the undercarriage can damage the same how sturdy it is. This is not called landing, but crash.
    - If the ground is full of unevenness and holes, it may also happen. Then it helps to put on bigger wheels. No matter how nice the landing is, holes in the ground can tear loose or bend one undercarriage if used for small wheels. But if there is an accident outside, we have full spare parts.
    - The main base can easily be reinforced with cross strings. Use solid wire (fishing cord, wire etc) and tighten it well to fit the desired suspension. Cut a thin slot in the middle of the back edge (front edge of the tailwheel) of battery lid and up to the thread. See pictures.
    - Check before each trip that everything works and sits as it should be inside and outside the model. It is the user (pilot) who has all responsibility if something goes wrong.
    - Always remove the battery from the model after use and store it in a fire-resistant area.

    This model can also be easily set up with skis: Move the heads to the foremost position and remove the nasal cavity. Then you have a tail puller that can use "Ski .40-.60 size with tailwheel".

    Our EPO floats fit perfectly as well. Order Floats: CLICK HERE

    The glue that follows these planes is a contact adhesive. Contact adhesive is used only in one way: One lubricates on both surfaces, waits until it is finger tight and put together. Then the adhesive glue immediately and never reappears. Put one together before the glue is fingered can risk that the glue never dries.
    Building Skills : Beginner


    Spare Parts....

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